Six Places for a Delicious Breakfast in Toronto

Like lunch and dinner, breakfast is one of the important meals for the health. When to Toronto, guests can easily buy some delicious food to refill energy for all-day travel itinerary. Here are some places for you to have delicious breakfast in Toronto.

Easy Restaurant

Enjoying a meat roll cornstarch is an experience not to be missed when coming Easy Restaurant. Here you will be served with a menu that is extremely rich and varied. Therefore, enjoying a glass of wine between Texas and Mexico mixed with meat roll is a perfect breakfast that does not make you disappointed. This dish consists of fried black beans, cheese, cilantro, onion, caramel; all these materials combine harmoniously together to create delicious meat roll dishes.toronto best cuisine

Breakfast & Lunch Fick

Waiters here are friendly with an extensive and varied menu; Breakfast & Lunch Fick became favorite breakfast place of tourists and locals. The menu here includes all the basic breakfast items, but the most famous dishes of the restaurant are eggs Benny. This dish combines with butter, Binna vegetables, tomatoes and crisps, so it makes a perfect dish for breakfast.

Fran’s Restaurant & Bar

Cheap iconic eateries of Toronto help travelers fill their stomach with light snacks and cocktails Whisky-skiing challenge with over 70 years history. Tourists coming here may taste bacon, eggs, toast, fried potatoes, sausage and pancakes. Enjoying breakfast in the Fran restaurant is an ideal choice for a delicious breakfast and a full mouth.


This is the ideal place for breakfast with dishes inspired by French country herb offerings with a cozy atmosphere, which gives guests a breakfast full of energy to prepare for all-day travel itinerary. Evening, it shifts from cafe bar to bar, serving the needs of customers. Guests can enjoy a full breakfast with cheese, eggs, gravy and pork. In addition, visitors can fill the stomach with a breakfast including Swedish cheese, bread and eggs special sauce made from condensed milk, butter, cinnamon, onion and nutmeg.

Morning Glory Café

Morning Glory Café offers a cozy setting with delicious food made from fresh produce of local. The menu for breakfast here is mainly bread. With bread here, visitors do not only enjoy at the restaurant but can also eat on the road. The food here is perfect, including fried eggs, ham, cheese and delicious tomato sauce.

Aunties & uncles

This restaurant is located in the famous restaurant chain of Little Italy that was established in 1998. When to here, guests here can enjoy delicious dishes, including eggs, bacon; oatmeal dishes mixed sugar and served with French bread with fruit and syrup.